Sonntag, 29. Januar 2017

Sommeranthologie - Einsendeschluss verlängert

Da einige noch fleißig am Schreiben sind und ich auch noch auf ein paar mehr Einsendungen hoffe, habe ich den Einsendeschluss für die Sommeranthologie auf den 12. Februar verlängert!

Eine ganze Reihe schöner Beiträge sind bereits eingegangen, aber Einsendungen haben noch eine gute Chance, wenn sie die Bedingungen erfüllen.

Sonntag, 15. Januar 2017

Erotische Geschichten

Als erst Veröffentlichung in diesem Jahr ist jetzt Phillip & Christoph - Zwei erotische Tableaus erschienen.
Sie bieten ein Wiedersehen mit Phillip und Christoph und obendrein mit Benjamin & David.

Neues Terrain - oder wie man Mr. Grey gibt
Christoph macht sich Sorgen, ob Phillip ihn betrügt, da dieser sichtlich nervös ist. Doch ihn erwartet eine Herausforderung ganz anderer Art und er muss sich entscheiden, ob er Phillip geben kann, nach was diesem verlangt.

Bilder von Euch
Der Wunsch von Benjamin und David, dass Phillip erotische Fotos von ihnen macht, führt auf allen Seiten zu Verunsicherung, die sich nur langsam löst. Was wird Christoph zur weiteren Entwicklung des Fotoshootings sagen?

Mit diesen Geschichte habe ich mich erneut in die Welt expliziter Erotik begeben, was mit den Beiträgen für In seiner Hand des Incubus-Verlag den Anfang nahm. Es fällt mit jedem Mal leichter, kann ich sagen. Mir hat es viel Spaß gemacht, diese Geschichten zu schreiben und ich hoffe, ihr habt beim Lesen genauso viel.

Erhältlich ist das ganze vorerst nur auf Amazon

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2017

English Release

>> coming soon - January 2017 <<

Translated by Rebecca J. Prater

When Phillip, the young student of photography, meets the gallery owner, Christopher, 26 years his senior, a friendship quickly grows out of a fondness for each other. In truth there is spark between them, an attraction that in the long run neither of them can deny. Especially Phillip has doubts - will he give their unusual love a chance?



Phillip was looking at his reflection in a glass door of a posh house entrance, his black Chinos, the grey pea coat, they suited him. He pushed the big sunglasses up into his curls that lushly framed his face. He looked good and he could use the confidence that he was getting from his reflection. He nodded at himself and moved on, quickly passing a few houses. There it was, a big window, white walls and paintings.

Without hesitation Phillip went into the gallery and looked at the pictures in the first room with a fleeting glance. Bold colors with changing lines that were winding across a rough background. He reached the second room that extended deep into the back. On the other end a man was sitting at a desk, who briefly looked up and said ‘hello’.

“Hello.” He looked at the pictures in this room, tar-black areas that had stick figures scratched onto them. Out of the corner of his eye, he was inspecting the man that now was typing on his laptop again. He was older, maybe fifty or mid-forties, but attractive, with very short, grey hair and a stubby beard.

Phillip stood in front of another painting and glanced at the man one more time. A light shirt, a modern pair of glasses, but all that didn’t matter. Phillip should go talk to him now. He took a deep breath and went over to the desk. “Hi.”

The gallery owner looked up. “What can I do for you?” He smiled, looked really friendly.

“I am a spokesman for an artist group, manly students.” Phillip pulled out a flyer from his bag and gave it to him. “We are looking for an exhibition possibility.” The flyer looked professional, he knew that, a graphic design student had created it. He hoped, he wasn’t making a fool out of himself.

“Paintings, graphic designs and photography”, the man read out loud. “What semester are you in?”

“In the third”, he answers subdued. “The painter here”, he points to the flyer, “she isn’t a student anymore, and she has been painting for a long time.”

“Do you have a homepage?”

“No, not yet.” His optimism sank.

“Which ones are yours?”

“These pictures”, he pointed to them on the flyer. “I have a website, too.”

“Show me.” The gallery owner turned his laptop a little and made an inviting gesture. Phillip put his bag on the floor and moved to the side of the table. Quickly he typed the address of his website.

“Phillip Wedekind”, read the man.


“Christopher Lauterbach.” He pushed a business card across the glass of the table.

“Thank you.” The card had a simple design, but was printed on heavy, expensive paper. Christopher was looking at the first few photos, an old factory and a couple nature shots. Not very impressive and the pictures were already two years old. Christopher glanced over at him for a second, he couldn't interpret it, and then he continued clicking.

Seth, Seth on the meadow with a naked torso, his blonde dreads pulled back, then him in the hammock. Christopher was looking at the pictures quietly, every single one. Maybe he was … Phillip looked at him with curiosity. He was attractive and very well-groomed, no wedding ring. Not that it meant a lot, but he could try it. He moved closer to Christopher, his forearm brushed against his shoulder.

“That is Seth”, he emphasizes.

“Ah, yes.” Christopher quickly continues clicking. Anna, in a flowing, turquoise-blue dress, in the middle of the high meadow.

“That is Anna, the painter, she is in our group.” And his damn snapshots would probably not impress a gallery owner. Maybe, if Seth would have been completely naked - he grinned.

Christopher looked at the next picture. Anna in the factory in between her paintings. “Her work is very graphic.”

“Yes, she says it is her style. Even though it is not very well-liked, she can’t do anything else.” The crap he was talking. Christopher gave him an enquiring look and Phillip tried smiling at him seductively and looked him in the eyes.

“I know what you mean”, says Christopher quietly and looks at the paintings on the wall. Then he keeps clicking.

Cold pictures of the city that he had taken in his first semester. Not too bad, actually.

“Hmm”, Christopher looked at the flyer again. “You see, I cannot do something like this, not in the gallery. But I am cooperating with an initiative, they organize exhibitions in empty buildings. Here”, he pulled a flyer out of the desk tray, “all kinds of different, mainly young artists are displayed there.”

“Sounds great.” He opens the flyer.

“Opening day is Saturday. Why don’t you and a few out of your group go there? Then you can speak with the organizers.”

“That would be great.” He smiles at Christopher openly and for a moment he was tempted to lay his hand on his shoulder. Not to continue his awkward, strategic flirting attempts, but because it would have felt appropriate.

Montag, 2. Januar 2017

Vorsätze 2017

Ein Freund der guten Vorsätze war ich noch nie und habe auch für 2017 nicht wirklich welche gefasst. Was ich unbedingt möchte, ist mehr schreiben. Darum habe ich auch schon im Dezember einen Schreibplan für 2017 verfasst. Pläne mache ich ja gern. Schön systematisch mit Tabelle. Neben dem Schreiben enthält er auch alles darum, wie Bucherstellung, Veröffentlichung, Werbemaßnahmen.
Anfang des Jahres soll die englische Ausgabe von Nur eine Frage der Liebe erscheinen sowie die Neuausgabe von Phillips Bilder. Als Neuerscheinung wird es die Kurzgeschichten Phillip & Christoph - Zwei erotische Tableaus geben.

Das nächste große Projekt ist dann die Sommer-Anthologie, die mich ab Februar beschäftigen wird. Und dann möchte ich auch unbedingt an Marek - Ein Zuhause finden weiterschreiben. Soweit die Planung für das erste Quartal.

Einen weiteren Vorsatz habe ich für 2017, oder ist es ein Plan? Bücher, die mehr als drei Monate überhaupt kein Interesse finden, werde ich aus dem Verkauf nehmen. Das wird hoffentlich nicht viele betreffen, aber zwei bis drei Kandidaten dafür gibt es.